Tawny and I just made a claim on our roof due to the recent hail storms, and found out our deductible is "only $1,000"....for everything but hail or wind related damage. For that, our deductible is $5,000!!! Are you kidding me right now?!?! That's insanity! As opposed to what other kind of damage? Godzilla sitting on our roof? Alien invasion? Rouge roof bandits?

That got me to thinking about metal roofs. American Home Improvement is right next door to our building and all these years working here, I had no clue they did metal roofs. LOL I thought they were just a BBQ pit/Bathroom remodeling company. I always thought metal roofs were insanely noisy when it rained or hailed but apparently I was wrong. A well installed metal roof requires so much insulation, it is virtually sound proof AND as an unintended result it also saves you tons of money on your energy bill. Your insurance rates go down as well because they are pretty much indestructible...in most instances not involving Godzilla. Basically, II found out it could literally pay for itself over time. This was enough to at least get me interested. If you're curious about it like I was, you can give them a quick call at 432-550-7224 or go to AHI-Texas.com.

...lol sorry for the sales plug but they're our neighbors. What else are neighbors good for? Also, I really am looking at getting them to install a roof on our house.


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