Who doesn't want to see the biggest concert event of 2016m GUNS N' ROSES!  KBAT is giving you the opportunity to go see the spectacle that is GN'R, just tune in each weekday from 10a-6p for two in a row from Guns N' Roses, be caller number number 9 and you will be headed to Dallas to see Guns N' Roses at the AT&T Arena.

Who would have thought that a Guns N' Roses (partial) reunion would ever happen and when it did it would be going off without a hitch!  It's hard to believe that date after date that Guns N' Roses have been on the road there haven't been any tantrums, delays or snafus!

With all of that being said this really has turned into the must see concert of the year, so good luck winning your tickets and we look forward to the pictures.