We've all seen the insanely popular "Modelo Time" videos all over social media, especially on the popular Instagram FitFam. But where did it come from? As many in the West Texas region know, FitFam is the Instagram you go to when you want to see wacky antics, drunken shenanigans and sometimes inspirational fitness posts. The Instagram page boasts an impressive almost 60,000 followers that grows more and more every day. What started as an Instagram devoted to highlighting local successful fitness stories, has now turned to the local source for traffic updates, lost dog posts and some of the most insane debauchery to Borderland has on the weekends. Your friends, family, newspersons and even local morning show DJs head to the Instagram to see what's trending in our area and what may have been happening when you decided to stay home on a Friday night. Other than #FitFam shoutouts happening all over the world, the most popular video submissions to the page are the #ModeloTime song and dances. The videos are especially popular during the weekends with many praising the time they have to relax and crack open a cold Modelo.

The Modelo Time videos originated from an Instagram user, @passdapookie, and refers to the time of day when you can finally relax and drinks some beers with your homies. From the original video posted by the homeboy Pookie, there are thousands of different versions of people doing the little dance that goes with a good Modelo Time. The song used in the video is "Don't Stop The Rock" by Freestyle. FitFam agrees, saying that the Modelo Time videos started by some Hispanic guys in California and possibly El Paso as well. When it went viral, people started sending in their own Modelo videos. Now when you see the videos on FitFam's Instagram story, you can know where the song and dance both came from. No word yet on how much Modelo beer sales have increased since the video's success.

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