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Yesterday while outside talking to my neighbor CARL! (because that's the only way to say his name), I was noticing that we actually have some pretty cool neighbors.  There's a lady that lives across the street a few houses down that saw a post on the nextdoor app about some loose dogs and she got in her car and drove around to look for them because she knew someone would be missing their babies.  When she got back to her house, having not found the furry jail breakers, before she could load up to leave for an appointment they were right there trying to jump in the truck with her.  Those jail breakers happened to be ours and she called the number on Snoops collar and long story short she probably saved them from the pound.  They're both pit bulls and Snoop is big and mean looking so I'm sure they gave off a real unfriendly vibe, especially if you didn't know that they're both dumb and sweet.  Anyway, that was a really good thing she did and she really didn't have to.  Yesterday while talking to CARL! she walked up in a Robert Plant t-shirt and all I could think was "this a cool ass hippie right here".  Then there's our across the street neighbors that consist of Brian, who once creeped the shit out of us one night by just popping up in our kitchen window as we were drinking whiskey and talking to him at the same time on Facebook.  He lives with a man who's nickname shall go unsaid, for those of you who get offended easily.  He's from Louisiana I believe and has the best accent.  Next to them is an older couple that keep their yard 100 literally year round and I have all kinds of respect for that so their cool as a snowcone.  The lady that lives next to CARL! (if you're still lost on the whole CARL! thing it's from The Walking Dead, I've called him that since the day we moved in) anyway, the lady that lives next to him is actually a real.....well, she's not very nice but she's fun to complain about.  I'm not really sure about the rest of the neighbors but it's not like the old days when all you had to do if you were curious about the people you lived near was wait till the next block party to meet them.

Why don't we do that anymore by the way? I mean that sounds like something I'd be down for.  I'm not saying we have to be besties or anything but it would be nice to know what kind of people live on my street, aside from the sex offender search I do monthly.  Does anyone live on a block that does this? I would love to know....and I would love to be invited!!!