53rd annual UFO Encounter in Roswell, New Mexico
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The tiny town of Rachel, Nevada, that sits right outside Area 51 is getting ready for the mayhem coming on September 21st. The town isn’t really the best vacation spot seeing as it doesn’t have a grocery store or even a gas station.  Either way, as one resident says “You can fight it, but it’s coming”.  She thinks they might as well just embrace it.  I bet that has something to do with her owning an alien themed motel in the town.  She’s been getting ready for an estimated thirty thousand people on September 20th.  The government has warned against the movement to storm the base saying that “Any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous”, that from an Air Force statement made in response to questions about the event.  In an effort to funnel people away from the military area and into a safe location, a music festival has been planned for the date accordingly called, Alienstock.  The co-owner of the motel, the Little A'Le'Inn motel and restaurant, Connie West has already secured 30 portable toilets, gained permission to fence off 30 acres for festival camping and parking,  made arrangements to bring in water trucks plus she’s hired security personnel and paramedics.  There’s a website selling Alienstock parking and campsite permits here for the three day festival if you’re interested.  As the website says “Where Believers Gather”.  The festival will go from September 20th through the 22nd

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