It took some searching last week but the Popeye's in Odessa was able to hook me up. I've eaten both and now I can make an accurate and educated decision on which is better.

In my opinion, both are equal for different reasons. The Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich is definitely something you wanna give a try. It really is great. The spices are bold and the chicken is big and crispy. One thing that sets it aside is the pickles. They're bigger and thicker on the Popeye's sandwich. The sandwich itself I would actually put above Chickfila. However, the food isn't the only deciding factor in a eating experience. Service is a HUGE factor for me, and everyone knows, the lords chicken store isn't to be trifled with when it comes to service with a smile and speed. If you put chickfila in charge of the DPS office, you'd have your new drivers license 6 month before you even applied for it. If Chickfila took over the TSA, you'd arrive at your destination before you were even packed. On top of that, every visit is like going to Mr. Rogers house. NO ONE is that friendly, yet there they are. Happy to see you, and ready to slap a solid chicken sammich in your mouth almost before you can even finish saying "Spicy chicken sandwich". When you factor in all the variables. I put them dead even. What do you think?

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