Maybe I am bias but I honestly think that the 80s was one of the best decades ever.  Just take a minute and think about all the amazing things that were spawned during that decade.

Oh sure the 80s had it's fair share of atrocities especially when it came to clothing and hair styles (the mullet), but think of all the amazing things that came out of the 80s that are still influencing how we live today.

The 80s was the decade of decadence the economy was good and we could afford anything we wanted so we did and there was a carefree nature to the 80s, it seemed that we truly enjoyed ourselves to the absolute fullest.

I must say that the one thing the 80s certainly provided us was an absolutely amazing array of music everything from New Wave to Hair Bands, I dare you to argue about the variety that we received.

I suppose every generation is nostalgic for a time past but I am certainly glad mine is for the 80s it was a great time to be a kid!