When I was looking through this list I couldn't believe how many of them I had as a kid. Sadly the location of most of them is unknown.

Happy Meal Toys: Originally-free with happy meal purchase. Could get up to $100. The older toys from the 90's are worth around $100 depending on how many were in circulation. If you have any and are curious as to how much they might be worth just look for it and similar toys on ebay. One case 'McFurbys' were sold for $900.

Rainbow Bright Doll: Originally $7

Potential earnings: $100

Lite Brite: Originally $9.97

Potential earnings: $130-$150. I got my son one of these for Christmas last year, I think more for me because they're my favorite.

Sit-n-spin: Originally $12.99

Potential earnings: $90

Hit Clips: Originally $5

Potential earnings: $100

Talkboy: Originally- Well the thing is these didn't exist until it was seen in the movie Home Alone. It was basically a movie prop that ended up being a highly coveted toy. If you have one you could get up to $130.

View Master: Originally $12.50

Potential earnings: $430

Toy Story Toys: Originally $30

This one makes me crazy! When Boogie was a baby I got him almost all of these, the telephone, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Slink...like all of them and he rarely played with them, but ask me where they are now....no idea. Some of them go for up to $700 now.

Jurassic Park Toys: $27

Potential earnings: $900

My Little Pony Dolls: Originally $13

Potential earnings: $900

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