The #1 simple, inexpensive way to decorate big for Halloween is spider webs. I'm not talking about that crap you can get at the Dollat Tree. Those are basically just bags of jumbled up cotton stuffing. What you want is super stretch spider webbing. I get mine at the Spirit Halloween Store or on Amazon but it's slightly cheaper at Spirit ($2 cheaper). It really just depends on when I need it. You wan the Fun World brand, so if you're shopping on Amazon be sure that's the brand you're getting. I get 2 or 3 of the bags that say "covers over 750 square feet). How many bags you get will depend on how big of an area you have to work with. If you're in an apartment the one bag will likely hook you up for inside and out.

DIY window silhouettes are easy enough for me to master so I know you can do it. In fact they're so easy I made my own. I'll add a link to them here later today

Grab some black poster board from the good ole Dollar Tree. If you want to get fancy you can get some black cardstock paper from Hobby Lobby or Michael's but make sure to use a coupon if it's not already on sale, don't pay full price if you don't have to kids.

That's it my loves. Oh, there's plenty of other stuff you can add but the simplest, cheapest plan is this one. Happy Haunting!

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