That's right, you read what I said. I'm a murderer, not once, but twice. They happened with some time in-between but I don't think it qualifies me as a serial killer. Then again, I'll have ample opportunity in the next few days so you never know. Honestly I don't know that murder is even the right word here..."actions that directly caused the death of" might be more fitting. My son won a goldfish at the recent St.Anns fair. We had it for a matter of days and on the last night of Lucky the goldfishes life my son was fiddle farting around before bed as he always does. He always try's to waist as much time getting water, turning on his night light and remembering things he needs to do in an effort to stay up later. Well that night in particular I didn't feel good (again) and I was absolutely exhausted. So when he said we needed to clean the fishes home or he would die I just said FINE, fine, whatever I'll do it JUST GET IN BED! Used tap water and bingo bango Lucky had an unfortunate name. So I told him we would go to Petsmart and do this thing right, tank, heater, filter, ALL that. We did, followed all the instructions, then my son left with his dad. He's been gone since Sunday night people and I've already killed the Betta, his name was Blue. If I was going to tell him his fish was dead, which I'm not, at least the funeral would be fun..."YOU'RE MUH BOYEE BLUE!!!"  I'm not going to tell him. I'm going to drive my happy ass to Petsmart and hope they have another similar looking fish.

So yeah, I'm a killer and I'm on the prowl again. Watch out all you fresh water aquarium fish!

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