If you like armchair detective work this is easily the granddaddy of them all.  Identifying the women in the photos found in the Game Show Killers storage might be on the same level.

San Bernadino, CA-Unmatched confession, black female between 23-24, killed in 1996. Victim possibly called "T-Money"

The FBI has officially confirmed Samuel Little's status as the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.  So far from all the information they've gathered from Little, nothing he's said has been proven false to date.  So those 93 killings he confessed to are likely all legit.  Of the 93 killings that Little has confessed to so far 50 have been confirmed, including a mother from Odessa, Tx (right in our own backyard) Denise Christie Brothers in 1994. The partially undressed body of Brothers was found in some bushes behind an abandoned building. She was last seen near a seedy hotel in the area.

Denise Christie Brothers

43 remain unconfirmed and probably unsolved, which is why the FBI is reaching out to the public for any information that could help in the cases.  Little made portraits from memory of the women he killed when he was actively taking the lives of individuals who lived on the margins of society.  Something he knew would lessen the chances of him getting caught. So, as I was saying earlier, if you like armchair detective work go to the FBI's website and read all the information and check out the portraits.  As far as serial killers go, he's not a bad artist.