There's really nothing good to say about yesterday's game from a Cowboys fan's point of view. WE.PLAYED.AWFUL. That's it. Pure and simple. Pick after pick and penalty after penalty, we beat ourselves play after play against one of the worst possible teams to do it against. A lot of haters are going to disagree with me, but Dallas has the talent on this team to take down the Packers easy. They just poorly executed almost all game long.

One thing I can say to the Cowboys haters out there is this. Online, you guys talk about the Cowboys more than you do your own team. (Unless it's a Pats fan who has become a fan magically during the past 7 or 8 Superbowls but is still somehow a "lifelong fan") Those guys are always the loudest lol. I don't know who their team is, but if they don't like the Cowboy's I sure know who their team isn't. Maybe if they talked about their own team half as much as they talked about who isn't their team, their team would be half as relevant as the Cowboys...but that's just my opinion. The best part is, there'll definitely be a few who just see the picture and talk trash without reading this. Look over their timeline. Several of them talk trash but it's hard to figure out who exactly their team is on a lot of occasions lol.

Good game Packs. All we can do is shake it off and move on to the next one. Jets, you're next. 2 weeks until the Eagles! Go Cowboys!

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