If I was King of the World, which I clearly will never be, I'd be piping in George Lynch to all the cities for at least 18 hours a day.  You'd be hearing George when you wake up, at work, in your car, even in the bathroom.  Your bowel movements would be perfectly timed at the four minutes and forty seconds it would take for you to listen to "Wicked Sensation".  He can play the bluesman, the guitar slinger and the shredder all to perfection.  His band’s latest effort, Rebel, like all of his other albums since splitting with Dokken, has been received with a deafening silence.  And I just don't get it.  Lynch is the full package when it comes to guitar heroes and only students of the instrument and/or die-hard Lynch fans know that he exists.

And that's too bad.  Because I defy you to find me 2 better rock guitar instrumentals than "Mr. Scary" or "I Will Remember".  The first is a standard measuring stick for anyone who thinks that they can obtain guitar god status.  If Lynch was Muslim, people would kneel and pray towards "Mr. Scary".  It's just that good.  The latter is a soulful journey through your memories, with George as your guide.  It'll make you hold your Bic straight to the sky and sway back and forth into a deep sleep.  That is, until George hits you over the head and chastises you for sleeping during one of his songs.

I'll be the first to admit it, not every Lynch song is great, especially back in the 80s.  Some of the Dokken songs that Lynch played on were laughable.  I have a habit of making fun of songs like 1983's "Felony" or 1985's classic "Don't Lie to Me".  Nobody is stupid enough to think those songs are influencing young guitar players of the new millennium, but to think that Guitar Hero has a Kurt Cobain edition and not a George Lynch is, at best, blasphemy to real guitar players.  While I'm sure that the coked up, flannel shirt wearing Cobain could "strum" his guitar with the best of the grunge era, he holds no candle to the talent of Lynch.  Maybe, when I'm king, I'll make a game called Overdose Hero for Cobain and leave the guitar playing to a real professional.

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