Classic rock fans and metalheads are more lucky in love, at least when it comes to using dating sites. In the past, when people wanted to meet potential dates you had to head out into the real world to try and hopefully find someone who was interested in you as well. Now, thanks to technology, you don't even have to leave your house. It's as easy at swiping right. Some want to know, what people are more likely to be lucky in love on dating apps and websites?

Dating site Plenty of Fish looked at 9 million of their members' profiles to see how a person's taste in music could affect their chances at finding love. Turns out, a person's taste in music does affect their dating prospects. For men, country fans received 32% more messages and were 65% more likely to find matches using the site. Even better for women, country music fans were 49% more likely to be looking for something more serious than just a hookup.

Ladies, throw on your old AC/DC, Led Zeppelin or any other classic rock t-shirt to see how your matches increase! Female classic rock fans were 68% more likely to find matches on the dating site. This news is even better for heavy metal maidens. Chicks who put heavy metal down as one of their interests received 9% more messages! Turns out, guys are even more attracted to a hot headbanger.



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