They've always been a rap and rock superstar and now they have the Hollywood Star to prove it! Cypress Hill has been around since the late 1980s and is known for their unique blend of rap, hip, rock, metal, and love of marijuana. Okay, there are more widely known for the unique voice of group member B-Real but let's be honest, they smoke a lot of weed still.  Cypress Hill is also categorized as a rap/ rock or rap/metal group that have solved 20 million albums worldwide. The band is also very unique because of the spooky, funky and heavy sound they have created. After being in the music business for over over 30 years, the band will be the first Latino hip hop group awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tomorrow, April 18th B-Real, DJ Mugg, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo Correa will be receiving their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Out of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are only 56 stars that have been given individuals of Hispanic descent. The Grammy-nominated group released their ninth studio album "Elephants On Acid" in 2018. According to We Are Mitu, the star will be located only a few miles from where the group originated in South Gate.

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