One of the first things I'd like to do when all of this blows over, is go to a Mexican food place and pig out on some chips and salsa...a tall Dos Equis with a couple of lime wedges would be nice too. Since it's Cinco de Mayo, I thought this might be a fun survey to take among the people of the Permian Basin.

Personally, the wife and I like Ajua's chips and Salsa. Chito's works too since they're the same owner and pretty much have an identical menu. I think I actually prefer Chito's for the sports, but Ajua's is closer to our house. However, we live in Midland, and as far as I know, Odessa has Midland beat when it comes to Mexican food. South side Odessa is nothing to be trifled with when it comes to amazing Mexican dishes. The west side has some really good places too, but I want your feedback. Drop your favorite place to get chips and salsa in the comments. I'll tally up the votes, do a follow up article, and rank them according to what you guys say.

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