Tilted Kilt in Midland opened their doors on Sunday to a more than receptive crowd.  The restaurant/bar/pub heaven’s opening has been highly anticipated in the area by everyone I’m sure but (by the looks of it) mainly by the men of the 432.

And with good reason, the establishment’s employees, aside from the managers are all kilt clad, that’s right even the bus boy is wearing a kilt.  I’ll admit the bus boys kilt isn’t quite the same design as the wait staff nor does it have the same appeal but I assure you it’s a kilt nonetheless.


A few things you need to know before you go;


  • 1

    With any newly opened establishment, especially when it comes to a restaurant, if you plan on taking your lunch with the wee lasses at this pub you’ll need to be there early as in when the doors open. When the place gets busy and it does on the quick, parking can be scarce.

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    I would have thought that at some point I would have to warn you that when a restaurant first opens you need to be understanding and patient with the fact that there will be some bumps for a while until they get into their groove but that is not the case, or at least not at all what I experienced. The girls were on top of their game, upbeat, friendly, helpful and of course super hot.

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    The inside is exactly what you would expect from an Irish Pub, Irish related framed pictures and posters all over the walls, wood bar top and floors, with the addition of over 30 flat screen HD TV’s located pretty much anywhere you look up.

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    There is a medium sized patio with garage doors that open to the bar and from what I noticed heat lamps for the winter so it can be utilized in all seasons.

  • 5

    I’ve only been able to try the Grilled Herbed Chicken plate, the Gaelic Chicken and the Tilted Brownie Guilt. As far as those dishes go, friggin fantastic!


    What else do you need to know? Well I’ve taken the liberty to include some commonly used Irish phrases so you’ll look like a real buck. ;-) (no it’s not necessary but it’s fun so shut up!)

  • 1.

    As far as Irish slang goes, “Aw sure look it” is the go to all around acceptable response for any question, statement or comment.

  • 2.

    A “Whale of a time”-what you’re sure to have during your time at the Tilted Kilt

  • 3.

    “The Jacks” - the bathroom

  • 4.

    'The Guards' - the Po Po

  • 5.

    Minerals=Soft drinks

  • 6.

    'Pint of Gat' is another name for Guinness, which is what you should be drinking in an Irish pub.

  • 7.

    Once you’ve had your fill of suds you’ll probably end up “Ossified”, which just means drunk.

  • 8.

    Chips-In Ireland, chips are crisps and French fries are chips.

  • 9.

    'The Fear' - that’s what you’ll be swimming in the morning you wake up after getting ossified.

  • 10.

    'Naggins' and 'Shoulders' - Refers to the sizes of bottles of spirits. A shoulder will get you a good way to being happy out, but a naggin if perfect for smuggling (or 'gooching') into a pub.

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