Normally I'm all about signing up to volunteer for anything that benefits the community, however, there is one organization that I've never felt very comfortable with, as far as safety is concerned.  It's not that the organization itself is unsafe or even the people running it, it's just that there are certain things I don't think you should be able to willy nilly volunteer for.  Like construction for example.  I'm not to be trusted with hammer and nail type small projects, let alone being put to work on a construction crew building a house from the ground up.  It just sounds like the people building a house should, oh I don't know, have some previous experience and or certification in building houses.  I know how clumsy I am and as much as I would love to be able to say that I helped build a house from some families in our communities, I'd also equally love to not be involved in a work site accident.  I have a friend however, who throws caution to the wind....and she found out first hand what the waiver she signed before she started was for.

Anyone else get hurt while volunteering?

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