We've talked about this on the air more than a few times and it's even been a topic of conversation between my girlfriend and I. The fact that I wear one pair of jeans, and only wash them about once a month.

I've tried buying multiple pairs of jeans and not always wearing the same pair. But ultimately it always goes back to me wearing the same thing every. Well, pretty much the same thing. I do change underwear, socks and shirts daily, but they all basically look the same. The one thing I end up wearing every day? My one pair of jeans. And only wash those jeans about once a month. Unless I slop on them, then they'll get washed. But if I don't make a mess, why wash them?

Well, here are some numbers from Buzzfeed about how often people wash certain things like jeans, bras, or sheets.

  • Jeans - I wear that one pair of jeans and wash them about once a month. Everyone else? 10% of people wash their jeans every single time they wear them and 44% do it at least once a week. But 28% go at least a month, and 18% will hold out for months and only wash them once they get a stain.
  • Towels - I have three towels that I use. A bath towel, and bath hand towel, and a kitchen hand towel. They probably don't get washed as much as they should. 9% of people wash them after every use. 43% of people wash them once a week, and 15% wash them whenever they get around to it.
  • Sheets - 44% wash them every one or two weeks, while 35% wash them once a month. And 21% use them indefinitely and only throw them in the laundry when they're repulsive. Which is really gross.
  • Bras - This would be one I don't have to deal with. But 5% wash them after every use, 56% go one or two weeks, and 33% wait until they smell weird.  Women are much more aggressive with their sports bras.  41% wash them after every use, and no one just lets them go indefinitely.
  • Underwear - I figured this one would be a runaway, and it was. 97% of people wash their underwear after they wear it once. And I fall into that category. Now for the gross part... 3% of people sometimes re-wear the same pair even if it's dirty.

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