With all the wonderful rain this weekend when I got an email from my big girl job saying that due to floods over the weekend parts of the office were effected I just assumed it was a mistake, either that or they were talking about the first floor.  I was surprised to find out that what I walked into was an office floor full of dehumidifiers and air blowers and a musky, dirt smell that filled your lungs the second you walked in.  It was pretty gnarly to say the least.  I mean seriously the air was so thick with the smell of dirt and musky carpets it felt like you could slice right through it with a butter knife.  Apparently over the weekend a water heater burst on one of the top floors and it went un-noticed for long enough to create a ton of damage.  The wood on the door that leads in to my floor was all kinds of warped at the top.  The carpets on several floors smelled pretty bad but considering the amount of damage I'm surprised the office was even open.  I think that has everything to do with the diligence of management and their sincere concern for their employees, basically the second they found out there was a problem they took the appropriate measures to fix it as soon as possible.  Everyone was talking about how when they received the email stating there would be some things going on in the office due to the damage from the flood more people than I'm proud to say assumed it had to do with the rain.  Come on people, did you think we were gonna hafta show up to work with hammers ready to build Noah's Ark 2.0?

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