I'm sure by now most of you have heard, but just in case you're not a huge nerd like me, Radio Shack is closing! Ok, not all of them but the one closest to my house is for sure.  There aren't many places in town that sell the kind of electronics, cables, and other various audio related equipment that I'm in the market for so when I was told they were closing that location down and selling everything for cheap I was squeeling like a One Direction fan. In the first few days I was frequenting the store most of the stuff was only 30 or 40 percent off, which just didn't do it for a cheap ass like me.  But hand to God when I drove by one day at lunch and saw that 50% and up sign you better believe I was in that place faster than a burglar at a ski mask sale.

I made a haul as you can see but that's not even all of it, I forgot a whole bag of audio goodies! Either way if you're a musician or tech nerd of any kind I suggest you make a stop before all the good stuff is at my house.

Oh yeah, it's the Radio Shack on Midkiff, next to Dominos.  Happy shopping!!!

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