There ya have it folks. The local man who disarmed a robber with a loaded gun at a Chick-fil-a in Midland got that meal from Olive Garden with his family and then some. Here he is with his family enjoying a completely free meal courtesy of Kyler Kirkland the Olive Garden Midland crew. We asked him if there was anything we could do to reward him for his brave acts and his immediate response was no lol. He didn't want any reward for it. I kept prying and finally he agreed to let me find a way to get him a dinner with his family at Olive Garden.  Thank all of you for making this a big deal and not letting another story of heroism and good, fall through the cracks for everyone to just forget about in order to go back and focus on all the bad in the world. We need stories like this to catch tons of attention. The more people believe there are nothing but bad people in the world, the more hostility it creates. Personally, I wish the media didn't have to rely on scare tactics just because it's really the only thing that gets mass attention. Thank everyone involved, for making good news a big deal.

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