Check out how many signatures this picture has with SlapJack from the first day our community wall went up. The ones you see are only hours after the wall was erected. Thank you Odessa Jackalopes.


Then Mayor Morales came by and showed his support while offering his sympathies and well wishes.


After that, Taryn Mitchell from CBS 7 came by and asked to do a story on the wall and offer her words of kindness.


This is the wall now. I had to back up to get the whole thing in the picture but if you look closely, you'll see that there is now very little black space left. I like to think of this wall as kind of like a cast for a broken bone. The person wearing the cast isn't broken. They're just injured. The people close to them sign it and leave them well wishes and things that might make them smile while they recover. The words don't heal the person. They just make them smile and remind them that people love them.

Our community isn't broken, but we did sustain a serious injury. I hope these words of kindness at least help remind the people affected that we may not have been the ones who lost something, but we are here for them in their struggles and road to recovery.

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