In the days after the tragic mass shooting on August 31st here in Midland/Odessa I've never been more proud of my community.  There have been times recently when all I could do was shake my head at the words and behaviors of some of the residents of this area.  What I am coming to see is that when things get really bad, that's when people come together.  The tragic events of August 31st set off an enormous outpouring of love and acts of kindness and truly showed the world, and myself, that this community knows how to take care of one another when it really means the most.

I'm so proud of everyone in this area and the way they came together to help one another.  From law enforcement, to first responders to random strangers helping where they were needed.  Let's see if we can keep this atmosphere of love and hope and togetherness going from now on.  I've seen what you can do Midland/Odessa and I'm impressed.  let's continue to help and volunteer and donate and love on all those affected by what happened in our home town.

Share your thoughts, prayers, messages of love on our PERMIAN BASIN STRONG COMMUNITY WALL at our station located at  BETWEEN MIDLAND AND ODESSA AT THE INTERSECTION OF HIGHWAY 191 AND FM 1788 BEHIND THE STRIPESI


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