Midland and Odessa have always had their differences. Most noticeably in crime rates.  Odessa has always bested Midland in that area.  None-the-less, between the two towns less that twenty minutes from each other, there are at least seventeen people who have gone missing from the area.  That number comes from a combined search of missing persons websites including, The Charley ProjectNAMUS and the Texas Missing Persons Online website, and one other source that doesn’t have its own website…the family of the missing.  We could and will cover that in another blog but you may or may not be surprised at the number of missing persons out there that somehow never find their way onto any of these missing persons websites.

Recently a rancher discovered what could be and what law enforcement thinks are very likely human remains.  Those remains could belong to a number of individuals from the area. Some have been missing for as long as almost forty years.  One of the oldest missing persons cases is that of Kristy Lynne Booth who went missing in on February 2nd, 1980.  She was last seen at a nightclub in Midland called Dimensions in the 400 block of Air Park Road.  She arrived there with friends, one of which was a man named Ron Ferrengburg.  Ron dropped Kristy and others off at the club and then left with the understanding that he would be back to pick them up at the end of the night.  Ron left in Kristy’s 70’s model AMC Pacer.  Kristy’s friends noticed she was missing around 11 p.m. when Ron returned to pick them up and couldn’t find her.  Her coat, shoes and purse were left there inside the club but it was below freezing outside leading them to believe that wherever she went she had intended on returning.  She was not reported missing for five days.  February 4th, two days after she was last seen, Kristy’s vehicle was discovered abandoned approximately one to one and a half miles south of highway 20 on SH 349 (Rankin Highway).  The vehicle was fresh out of the shop for some repairs so authorities knew that it had been driven 268 miles that could not be accounted for. Ron was considered a suspect and was brought in for a polygraph test but passed.  At the time of her disappearance Kristy was a cocktail waitress at The Great Gatsby that used to be located on Cuthbert Avenue.  Her family says she did not just run away and law enforcement agreed that she wouldn’t have left on her own in the freezing cold with no shoes or coat, they believe she met with foul play.  Six years passed before her parents could bring themselves to box up her room.  As he did for many other cases in Texas, Henry Lee Lucas threw his confession into the ring as being responsible for Kristy’s disappearance. He did so for several other cases in our area that were totally unfounded.  As of today Kristy Lynne Booth remains missing.  The fact that the vehicle that was driven by one of the last people to see her has 268 miles unaccounted for, means that it could have been driven as far as 130 miles one way and back may mean she was taken somewhere further than a Gardendale ranch but you just never know.

 Authorities are investigating after human remains were found in Gardendale on Tuesday.

A human skull was found by a rancher near a tank battery site in Gardendale on Tuesday according to authorities.

The rancher and his son were working with cattle when they made the discovery as reported by cbs7

Jeannette Drzewiecki went missing on September 13th of 1982, this Friday the 13th will be the 37 year anniversary of the day she disappeared after stopping by The Doll's House where she worked to discuss a work matter.  She had one drink and left, saying she had to get home to her baby, she had just days before given birth.  She was never seen again.

The list of possibilities goes on but Jeannette seems like as good a guess as any.

In the meantime I can only hope that the findings will bring some measure of closure to a family that's been searching for their loved one.


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