The man said he knocked down his 6 year-old running out of the bathroom. A Bee County man says he "aged 6 years" after he discovered a snake slithering out of his toilet. Wade Vielock said he was cleaning his bathroom when his 6 year-old son warned him about the reptile coming out of his commode. Vielock said he turned around and saw a 3 foot snake climbing towards the window and he took his running. He even knocked over his son in the process.

Vielock didn't know who to call but luckily, the Bee County Sheriff's Office say you can call them for your reptile removal needs. According to the Sheriff Office's Facebook page, the area has seen an increase in snake calls and they are asking residents to be aware of their surroundings. Including their toilets. The Sheriff's Office said that Deputy Scotten came to the home to remove the snake, which was identified as a non venemous blue indigo. Blue indigos are beneficial to people because they actually eat venemous snakes. The snake was released back into the brush after being found in the family home's bathroom vanity.

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