One Texas teen used a school project to try and make finding a forever home easier for shelter dogs in Austin. When looking for a new pet, some families can have trouble deciding which animals are the right fit for their life. Most simply go to the shelter and choose a dog solely off the animal's looks and personality in the short time they spend together at the shelter. This works for some, but for others that isn't enough information to find the perfect fit for their family. One 13 year-old in Austin decided to use a school project to help people find the right dog for their family.

Aiden Horowitz goes to Austin Jewish Academy and used his 8th grade class project to create, a website that will match adoptable dogs with families that could be the right fit for them. Someone looking to adopt a dog simply fills out a survey on the site about their life, home size, family size, personality and even how much barking they can tolerate! The survey gives them a score and that score is used to determine what type of dog would be the best fit for their family. Using the score, a person can they look up adoptable dogs in the breed and age category they were matched with. There is even a score that lets people know if they would be better off adopting a cat instead, with a link to check out adoptable felines too. Learn more about Aiden and his passion project through his interview with KXAN.

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