The movie "Pet Sematary" is out now and many fell in love with the gorgeous star, the cat Church. But now the internet has a few questions for the director. The newest film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "Pet Sematary" hits theaters this weekend and fans are excited. The movie tells the story of a couple and their children who move from Boston to rural Maine. The couple discovers a mysterious burial ground near their home and terror starts. The movie has launched the career of some unlikely new stars- the cats who play Church in the film.

The directors of "Pet Sematary" discussed in a new interview how difficult it was for them to find the specific breed and find cats that all looked similar. In the end, the directors ended up with four cats that off-screen were all "divas":

“But these cats, they were able to train them and every cat had a different specialty. There was the cat that could hiss, the cat that could jump, the cat that could stare… They were like this pack of divas on set. You know, the cat would get on set and have to get acclimated, so all the actors would have to shut up and just kind of let the cat sniff everything for like 10 minutes. So, we just sat there, and watched the cat.”

But the internet still has so many questions for the directors! Having to train four cats is hard we know, who had the terrible job of getting the cats dirty for their time on screen? Even worse, who was the unfortunate guy who ended up with the job of cleaning the four cats every day after they were done on set? Did that have to wear protective gloves? Or even better, a bee suit or possibly one of those outfits people training police dogs get to wear. The directors haven't said who had that job yet, but many cat owners want to know what their magical secret was. Especially Joanna.

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