When my brother and I were young kids, some people we went to church with had a dozen or so feral cats in the woods around their house. The homeowner, Doc Sullivan, told me and my brother that he would give us $10 if we could ever catch one of those cats. Not only did we never collect the $10, we never got within six feet of one of those hell-spawned felines. After watching this video, I'm glad we didn't!

In this video, a guy shows how to tame a feral kitten. The emphasis here is on the word "kitten" as I would imagine taming a full-grown feral cat would be a whole different proposition.

A quick, interesting side-note about feral cats: the guy that the novel Robinson Crusoe was based on actually did tame adult feral cats. A sailor in the 1700s named Alexander Selkirk was left marooned on an island because (this is documented fact) he wouldn't stop sassing his captain. Selkirk managed to tame some of the feral cats that were descended from domesticated cats left on the island by previous explorers. He trained the cats to keep away the rats that were trying to eat his feet while he slept at night. It just goes to show what people can accomplish when they have lots of time. Lots of lonely, mentally-damaging time. You can read more about Alexander Selkirk, the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe.

Here's the video tutorial on how to tame feral kittens.

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