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I get that some people just don't like cats, but this stuff makes me sick.

I was scrolling through the NextDoor app, as I often do to see what's going on around town, and came across a post by Briana Benavides. She says that she was driving between Slide and Quaker last week when she saw someone throw something out of their car.

She initially thought it was trash, but it turned out to be a white and black kitten. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to save the poor thing as it had already been run over by the time anyone could even tell what had happened.

Could the cat have been dead before it was thrown out? Maybe, but who in the world throws dead cats out of their car?

Multiple people in the comments were talking about how they had seen someone throwing a litter of kittens out of their car years ago. Their eyes hadn't even opened yet, they were so young. Hopefully these people witnessed the same incident and there aren't more than one of these monsters out and about in Lubbock.

I love cats, but I get why some people don't like them. They smell, they don't give a crap, and they knock stuff off your shelves. Some people think their meows are annoying (this is directed at you, Vincent), but I find it quite cute.

Regardless, what kind of person do you have to be to treat another living creature this way? Makes my blood boil.

Be nice to our animal friends, Lubbock. Have a heart, for God's sake.

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