If you're planning on visiting the popular swimming hole Jacob's Well, don't bother. You're going to have to find another swimming hole to enjoy in Central Texas from now on until further notice. I know I had mentioned this lovely spot earlier this year to go swimming but unfortunately, it is temporarily banned.

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Sadly, Jacob's Well has closed and won't be allowing people to use that gnarly spot to swim. Now for me and not sure who else but this kind of news blows since I never had a chance to check it out.

But not long ago, Hay County Texas shared an announcement on Twitter about Jacob's Well and the suspension of swimming. We all should know by now that if there is poor visibility means the water isn't clean.

Plus, no one would want to risk getting sick from swimming in high bacteria levels at Jacob's Well. But if you had reservations JWNA is working with people due to these unfortunate circumstances.

Just because swimming is temporarily out of the picture, for now, JWNA will still remain open for other hiking, geocaching, and other activities. So you can still visit the area just can't take a dip in Jacob's Well.

It is a bummer for Texans Just refer to KXAN's YouTube video below about Jacob's Well putting a ban on swimming.

One thing for sure is the drought sure doesn't help out spots like Jacob's Well in Central Texas. All it is now is playing the waiting game until the public is given a thumbs up on when swimming is allowed again. Just make sure to follow Hays County Texas Twitter for further announcements on the status of Jacob's Well.

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