There is a cool adventure park that is meant for kids but adults would find fun too. If your kiddo loves to play with bull dozer-type toy trucks then make sure to add this place to your bucket list.

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Now I may not be a kid but I sure as hell would be down to visit a place you're allowed to operate real construction equipment. If we're being real with ourselves you must admit you've been curious yourself.

Hell, I have always wondered what it would be like to maneuver one of those big bad boys. We watched the faces of our children light up while playing with their toy bulldozer trucks over the years.

But can you just imagine their faces if they really could except in real life? Well, if you have a curious cat on your hands you can let them kill their curiosity in Katy, Texas.

Now kids can have a hands-on approach by operating some heavy machinery at Dig World. So if you have kids who are curious about the construction industry, there's a magical place just for them.

You can take a quick look at Dig World and all that it has to offer by watching Dig World's YouTube video below.

If you ask me, I feel Jordan Foster Construction should make something like this happen in El Paso. But anyway, for now, people in El Paso must travel about 10 hours to let their kids play Bob the builder.

The other day I had shown Daniel Paulus Dig World and he brought up a really good point. Daniel thinks this is their way of training kids early to help out with all the construction that goes on in Texas.

On a serious note though, this idea in my opinion is just awesome, and wish it was around when I was a kid. Sure you're worried about dangerous situations but don't you worry there are safety protocols and kill switches. Every parent and child would have a blast at Dig World in Katy, Texas.

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