There is a place in Texas that will remind you of a make-believe place in a flick. But the really cool thing about this place is that it is located in Texas.

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So if you enjoy taking road trips and visiting different places in Texas get your bags ready. If you're a picky person when it comes to distance, this trip is definitely worth a visit.

There were quite a lot of fans who enjoyed the flick Avatar when it was released in 2009. In the film, there was a certain place that seemed like a majestic garden that was considered a secret place.

That hidden spot in Avatar was called The Tree of Souls which was quite lovely if you ask me. Just refer to a scene showing The Tree of Souls in the YouTube video below.

Well, that is what Crocket Garden Falls reminds me of after seeing a YouTube video that was filmed by Steve's Vlog below.

After you watch his 2-minute YouTube video it will probably convince you to visit Crocket Garden Falls. Now this majestic place is located in Georgetown, Texas is less than 9 hours away.

So if you're an Avatar fan then you should be extremely excited about Avatar 2 coming out. The supposed release date is set for December 16, 2022, according to Digital Spy's website.

But in all seriousness, if you feel your stress levels have been getting the best of you, this place can help you forget. So since kids in El Paso Independent School District will have a break coming up, this would make a great trip.

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