If you ever had a treehouse when you were younger then you know how vital it was to you. For kids who had a treehouse in their backyard was a saving grace for them.

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Let's face it, when you were younger it was nice to escape your parents and enjoy some alone time. Every kid used their treehouse to enjoy their own personal space beside their bedroom.

A treehouse for kids is also perfect for them to play house in their own little person house. Plus, you should know if you had one that the views from a treehouse were exceptional.

I mean come on, you remember a couple of scenes from the movie The Sandlot that took place in a treehouse. If you were a kid who enjoyed treehouses get ready to enjoy that experience again but as an adult.

There is a place in Texas that is allowing adults to let their inner child come out and play. The River Road Treehouses is located in New Braunfels, Texas which is somewhat close to some big attractions.

But the best perk about this place besides staying overnight in a treehouse is having access to the Guadalupe River. If you would like an idea of what you could experience just refer to the YouTube video from BorregoJoseLuis below.


Sleep In a Treehouse Overnight In Texas

If you ask me this is one hell of a way to let your inner kid out to play in a serene place. For parents in El Paso who are looking for new places to camp out this should be on your bucket list.

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