Unfortunately, right after the pandemic, we lost our beloved Stein Mart store off of loop 250 in Midland. I loved and visited that store on a few occasions over the years but now that it is gone, something must take its place. It is quite a large store so a nice, big city department store would be nice. 


  • Nordstrom or even a Nordstrom Rack would be nice-I frequent these stores in big cities so yes please!
  • I asked my little one, she's hoping for a Five Below store lol
  • you can never have too many Ross stores
  • by the same token, Midland does not currently have a Marshalls
  • Macy's!
  • Burlington Coat Factory (since Odessa already has one)
  • Trader Joe's-there is already a perfectly good grocery store in the area but Trader Joe's isn't quite the same thing

Those are all of my suggestions and for the love of everything, I hope it is a department What would you like to see go in the old Stein Mart building? Or if you already have an inkling of what it might be, let a girl know.

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