I have talked to and interviewed many artist in my radio career but none are as engaging and entertaining as the one and only Ted Nugent.

Whether it's discussing his decades of rock and roll madness, his passion for hunting and of course his outspoken political views, Ted will never disappoint.

I spent time on this hot West Texas afternoon talking to one of the most interesting individuals that most people will ever the chance to talk to and who else could I be referring to is the one and only Ted Nugent and as usual it did not let me or anyone who had a chance to listen down.

Ted and I spent nearly an hour talking about everything from his rock and roll career to his views on some of the most current groups and everything in between.

So as promised here is Ted Nugent in all of his bombastic glory delivering everything you could or ever want from that Uncle you hope stops by to break up the mundane tedium of your day!  Enjoy a little time with Ted Nugent shall we!