I hate snakes, but I love watching videos of snakes. It's a weird revulsion/fascination dynamic that's going on. In this new snake video a hiker caught a few seconds of a rattlesnake hitching a ride on a tortoise. Here's what the guy who filmed it, who describes himself as a wildlife photographer, has to say:

I don't know the reason why this tortoise and the rattlesnake were together but I'm glad they were. I was just doing my regular hike when I noticed the tortoise in the distance. Of course I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to take his picture! As I got closer a head came out from behind his shell and that's when I noticed the snake. I started taking pictures and the snake just started slithering on top of the tortoise as you see on this video. It is not uncommon for rattlesnakes and tortoises to share the same burrows but I had never seen them hanging out in the open like this. -- YouTube/Pachuco's Art

Hmmm. Yeah, that's some coincidence. As you'll see in the video, that snake looks pretty agitated with his rattle all rattling and what-not. Are we sure this guy didn't use one of those snake-grabbers like Billy the Exterminator uses and PUT the snake on top of the turtle?

Oh, yeah...f*** snakes.

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