El Paso High School is at the top of a few "Most Haunted Places in Texas" lists as well as a few "Most Haunted High Schools in America" lists.

El Paso High is the oldest high school still in use in the city and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. A lot of its lore is standard haunted house boilerplate: ectoplasm dripping from the ceilings, ghostly voices when the building is empty, etc. But I think the reason 'La High' shows up on so many lists is the dead girl that appeared one year in a class photo.

That would be the photo of the Class of 1985 in the El Paso High trophy case. Everyone in the photo looks normal except for one girl who's features are fuzzy and indistinct. The story goes that the girl's image wasn't in the negative but somehow showed up when the film was developed. Also, according to the lore, no one, neither teachers or students, could identify the blurry girl and no students were unaccounted for in the photo.

According to former students, there was no one standing there when the picture was taken, nor can the female in question be identified. Some believe the apparition to be a young girl who had taken her own life years before by jumping from a balcony connected to the misty hallway. Others have seen the very same ghostly figure jump from said balcony, disappearing before hitting the ground each time.  -- Craveonline.com

Also, some of the students in the photo have said there was no one standing there when the picture was taken. I don't know if this photo was faked or not but if it actually was taken in 1985 I've got to think EPHS has legitimate grounds to sue every movie about a scary Japanese ghost-girl for copyright infringement because this looks just like a Dark Water Ring with a Grudge. Here, see for yourself:

El Paso High School Class of 1986
El Paso High School Class of 1985

They say that even to this day if you sneak into El Paso High and camp out overnight there's a chance you'll be arrested for trespassing. SPOOKY!

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