It's one thing to buy some "juice" that you know isn't that much juice. Or it even says on the package "contains no actual juice." This is no surprise. We are all well aware this happens. But did you know that the pumpkin pie that you'll be enjoying over the next coupe of months most likely contains no actual pumpkins. True story.

So what is the mysterious ingredient that being used to make your "pumpkin" pie? Well, it's squash. And it's used for a few different reasons:

  • Squash tastes better than pumpkin
  • Squash has a better consistency than pumpkin
  • Squash is cheaper to grow and produce than pumpkin

Of course, if you are making your own pumpkin pie with the insides of the pumpkin that you carved yourself, congratulations, you have actual pumpkin pie. But if you are buying the pumpkin pie from the store, you're most likely eating squash pie.

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