Did you know that there are convenience stores that have locks on the coolers that are set whenever they can't sell alcohol anymore? I did. Don't worry about how I know this, I just do. One place that they do, is apparently Wisconsin.

38 year-old Jeremy Van Ert found out the coolers lock up north because, well, he got locked in one. He stepped into a cooler at a convenience store in Marshfield, Wisconsin just before midnight. At midnight, the cooler locks, and he wasn't done yet. So he got locked in.

How did he respond to being locked in?  He started drinking, of course. Although, what he drank, brings this guy into serious question as far as taste is concerned. In the 6 hours he was "trapped" (and I'm putting that in quotes because he could have just banged on the glass door to get an employees attention to let him out), he drank one 18 ounce can of Icehouse, and three cans of Four Loko.

When he was let out after being in the cooler for 6 hours, he ran off. The employees called the cops, and Van Ert was found and arrested on theft.

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