I knew this was gonna happen. As a matter of fact I straight up called it like Babe Ruth. For those of you who are unclear what GHOST is all about. They are a really great band with a very dark gimmick. It's no different than King Diamond or any other band. They have a Satanic image and naturally it causes a ton of controversy when they come to places like this.

Personally, I say if you don't like GHOST....don't go see GHOST. Lol it really is that simple. I love the band and I'm looking forward to seeing them this Monday. If you're offended by them or the image they present, that's absolutely your right. You religious beliefs aren't that of everyone else. This country was literally founded on religious freedom. Pilgrims fled England because the monarchy was forcing their religion on them. In short....MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS!

Lol that is all.

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