The breathless way people were talking about this week's eclipse may make you think we won't see anything like it again in our lifetimes. Was it 39 years since the last eclipse like this or was it 99? Brandon recently wrote a post about another eclipse that with make a pass right through the dead-center of Texas in April 2024.

Thanks to our talented graphic artists here on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, we have an incredible interactive map that will show you where the eclipse will be in 2024 and where the nearest point of totality will be for each of the towns that the Buzz Adams Morning Show.

Buzz Adams

The "Path of Totality" in 2024 will pass directly through some of the Lone Star State's most heavily populated areas. Austin, San Antonio and Dallas are in the path of total darkness and Waco is almost smack-dab in the middle. But where's the nearest point for our listeners in West Texas to see the eclipse in it's fullness? That brings us to Interactive Graphic # 2:

Buzz Adams

For those of you in San Angelo your closest point of totality will be in Brady, Texas. It seems like a pretty straight shot taking Highway 87. Our interactive map seems to indicate that Brady is only about 1 3/4 inches from San Anglo so you should be there before you know it.

If you're in Abilene, your best bet is to take Interstate 20 right on up to Fort Worth. There are a few spots that are technically closer but none of them have six-lane interstate. Also, I know for a fact that some of those counties are dry so it wouldn't do you any good to get there and then find out there's no place to buy beer.

Buzz Adams

Excuse me. I get a little choked up when I see the map of the great state of Texas like that. I have a Junior FFA Rodeo belt buckle in that exact same shape. It really gets me in the feels, you know?

So for our audience in El Paso, the nearest point of total darkness is going to be Junction, Texas. Junction is right on Interstate 10 and I'm going to say, based on our interactive graphic, that it's about the length of a standard Number 2 pencil away. So, pack a lunch.

Midland/Odessa, you'll want to take State Highway 349 down to 1-10 and I-10 over to Junction. Midland/Odessa will be considerably closer than the pencil length that El Paso will have to drive. I know this because El Paso is waaaaaay the fuck over there. You KBAT listeners know how when you drive from Dallas and you finally reach Midland and you feel like you've been driving forever? Well, just imagine that PLUS another 300 miles of the most barren and desolate landscape this side of Mars. That's what driving to El Paso is like.