The trailer is out for the next season of American Horror Story or, as we like to shorten it, AmHoSto.

The trailer is included at the bottom of this post and from it we learn that this season will include the two things that had Americans the most terrified 10 months ago, all the way back in October 2016: creepy clowns and the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

But I repeat myself.

YouTube / FX

The new face of American Horror.

Here are a few of the plot details: series regular Sarah Paulson plays Ally a woman who is so freaked out about Trump winning that she begins seeing CLOWNS everywhere. She deals with her issues by going to a therapist.

Another AmHoSto regular, Evan Peters, plays Kai, a psycho Trump fan who sets out to push Ally over the edge. And since it's Evan Peters and his hair is kind of long it makes it look like Quicksilver of the X-Men is torturing this poor woman.

YouTube / FX

And, if they have a scene with Hillary wearing a red pant-suit they'll also have a Scarlet Witch!

Also, it looks like Twisty the Clown from AmHoSto: Freak Show will be back in some capacity. This is a good thing as there can never be too much John Carroll Lynch on television.