"Motorcycle" and "swing" are two words that should never appear next to each other.

Take a look at what will almost certainly not be the newest amusement park sensation: a motorcycle swing. This creation comes from the Netherlands, where pot is legal and where you've got to be getting a good buzz to come up with an idea that will get you higher than whatever substance you're inhaling can do.

It's quite the contraption and certainly looks like it operates without any issues. Despite that, this just doesn't seem like it's going to end well. A homemade slip and slide is one thing -- a homemade ride on a bike that takes you above the roof is another.

And let's not forget the fact the swing is set up in the middle of a residential neighborhood. You think it's annoying listening to your neighbors argue? Try being kept up all hours of the night while people stop by for a little Kawasaki fun.

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