Even if you claim to be a metalhead since birth, you’ve still got nothing on this. While a Utah woman just 22 weeks pregnant went for a routine ultrasound, she and her husband spotted their soon-to-be-born child throwing up the devil horns!

Makelle and Jared Ahlin of Santaquin, Utah (no, not Satanquin) will soon welcome their third child into the world. Their doctor was performing an ultrasound, almost passing by the unbelievable moment without noticing. "She kind of went passed it, and I was just like, 'Hey, go back, I need that picture!'" Jared Ahlin tells KPTV.

The couple swears the photo is legitimate, even showing the original film stills to the camera while being interviewed. "Our boys are very active I guess, so it probably sounds like they will fit in to the family," Jared Ahlin adds.

The Ahlin’s are keeping the gender of their third child a surprise until the delivery, but if it’s a boy, it’s clear this kid needs to be named after Ronnie James Dio. So congratulations in advance, Makelle and Jared, on the birth of little Ronald / Ronette!

Check out the full news report in the video above!

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