You know how when you’re browsing Facebook and you see all the sporadically placed posts that are just ads or maybe it’s titled “Craziest thing you’ll ever see!” and most normal people just swipe on through?

Well I’m not normal and I have a very bad habit of giving in to that inner child that wants to look at everything and believe everything they read on social media.  Today is no exception.

However I must say I was pleasantly surprised that when I clicked on a link that suckered me in instead of the customary porn blast or instant advertisement for something I don’t need I simply found a pretty dope article about the crazy things people have found in their attics.  The whole reason I was interested in the first place was because I saw the word attic, I have a thing about attics and basements and pretty much any other semi-secret room in a house.

Anyway, to the point, here is the fast and dirty version of that list…fast and dirty, just how I like it.

  1. A lost MLK interview
  2. A Picasso painting-this just happened in 2015 in Kirkaldy, United Kingdom. A man found it in a suitcase in his attic, it was his mothers, a gift from her Russian soldier lover…damn son! I’ve had boys try to buy me with gifts but never a priceless painting by a man who’s name I pronounce incorrectly every time so that it sound more like “assshoe”.
  3. A hidden WWII-era room-OH MY GOD!!!! YAS!!!! See!! This is what I was talking about, this is what I live for!!!! I would shit a rainbow if I ever found a hidden room in my house.
  4. A comic book collection worth millions-A Dallas Texas man scored big while he was cleaning his aunt’s attic when he stumbled on his uncles very well preserved comic book collection which included a Detective Comic #27 featuring the debut of Batman, and Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman.
  5. A puzzle box filled with jewelry-Dewd….that would be so pimp…although when you find puzzle boxes in attics (at least for us 80’s kids) it’s best you leave them alone…hello Pinhead much?!
  6. A cache of love letters-Just a few hours down the road in Lubbock, Tx a couple found a pillowcase full of WWII-era love letters from a soldier to his wife in December of 2014.  I would hate for anyone to find the kind of love letters I my fiancé and I write to each other ;-) Hubba Hubba!
  7. Your ex-boyfriend-Say what? Yup, a young lady from Rock Hill South Carolina discovered her ex-boyfriend who had just gotten out of jail in her attic.  Apparently he went to jail and wrote to her constantly about wanting to get back together, to which she wanted no part of, but he couldn’t take the hint so he decided the next best thing would be to live in her attic and pee in sonic cups until he got made.

I LOVE going through old attics so if any of you ever need one cleaned out let me know and I’m there!


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