Ok, there is no way this is true….that or I’ve just been living under a rock for way too long...but damn the rents cheap and the wifi’s not bad. But I digress.


I’m going to put this out in the open right now before we go any further so that we can skip all the public shaming and making fun.  I’m the girl that will repost stuff


On the internet that’s obviously a hoax and sometimes I will see something from 4 years ago and repost it thinking it just happened.  So making fun of me if I’m wrong about this or anything else


Is in no way a victory ok?


Is it true that Woody Harrelson is from Midland, Tx?  I’m sure everyone else in the state of Texas and more so here in Midland are shaking their heads in disappointment at my lack of celebrity knowledge, especially when


It comes to something right where I live.  Sorry guys, I’ve been busy with that thing called “Real Life”, it’s commonly lived without the aid of social media.


Anyway, I was looking up “Most popular people born in Midland, Tx” and his name was the first to pop up.  It reminded me of a guy I dated forever ago, he was in the movie “The Rookie”, you know the one with Dennis Quaid movie about the coach from west Texas that ended up trying out for the major leagues at age 35, and actually made it? Well, I dated a guy that played baseball in high school, I’m guessing he was pretty good, anyway when they got ready to film in Stanton I think, they brought in some real baseball players from the area for the movie.  They were extras but they still got to be in the movie and I’m told they were paid pretty good for just wearing their uniforms and throwing the ball back and forth all day.  You would think that would leave an impression on me and I could validate this story with his name but for the life of me all I remember is that his first name is Jason and I thought his last name was Redman…but I think that was his dads last night (which he doesn’t use).   Anyway, if I remember correctly he went to Odessa High, may even still live in Odessa I’m not sure.


I may not know Woody Harrelson but I did know a guy who was in 6 seconds of screen time on a movie most people don’t remember. BOOM! Top that!

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