As some of you know I have a big girl job at a local oil and gas company here in Midland.  Anyway, so the money guy (I’m sure he has a much more professional sounding title I just don’t remember it at the moment) for our department came to work complaining about being tired.


He got up to be at Stripes at 4:45am.  I know what you’re thinking, he must be there for the fresh tortillas, and them bomb tacos they make! While Stripes does in face make a mean taco that isn’t the reason he was there at the butt crack of dawn on a random Wednesday morning.


He was there for the commemorative Selena cups that Stripes will be selling March 1st through April 4th while supplies last.  While supplies last? Honey they gone! That’s right folks, all the stores in the Midland/Odessa area were sold old by lunch time the same day they went on sale.  Big thanks to Oscar Aguilar for sending me the picture of his score.  He was smart guys, he showed up before the crowds and he bought 5.  Although, I bet now he’s wishing he had bought more.  They were already on eBay the same day with the set of two going for $74.95. Check it out, someone from Midland has already posted the set for the low, low price of $40 bucks! People will do anything for a buck, but then you can’t blame em, with the cups being sold out and the fact that HELLO it’s SELENA! Not gonna lie guys, I really want one now!


Stripes stores and Fiesta de la Flor presented by Citgo announced Selena commemorative cups sometime in February as far as I can tell and with only a few weeks lead time somehow to work got out enough to ensure the success of this well timed promotion. Stripes is featuring two of its Laredo Taco Company food trucks at the Fiesta de la Flor this year presented by CITGO March 24-25. Fiesta de la Flor presented by CITGO is a two-day festival celebrating the life and legacy of Selena.  The cups are set to be sold at participating Stripes Stores in Corpus Christi (that’s where Fiesta de la Flor will be held by the way), the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Houston and select store in Midland and Odessa.  The cups, which are sold out, were sold for $2.99 and portions of the cup sales will go to the Selena Foundation.



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