It's been a few weeks since I showed a local band love on our page so I'm overdue. This is one of my personal favs for several reasons.

To start, they're just plain good. If you went to the Metallica cover band show at Hacienda a couple of years back then you saw these guys. For me, they also have a personal connection. Their lead singer was in one of my teenage local favorite bands Grynch. Kris has been a part of the local music scene for many moons and when I was just a punk kid just picking up an intrument he was the front man of one of the bands I used to go see and idolize. He's always been one hell of a frontman and nothings changed over the years. Total crowd control and awareness.

Ironically, the first band I ever joined paired me with the drummer who'd be in pretty much every band I'd be in for the next 10+ years. He also happens to be the drummer for Kilter now. Anyone in the local music scene knows Preston as one of the best live drummers in the area. Hell, he started out drumming on pillows when he was like 10. By the time he was 14 he was a beast who could go head to head with any adult drummer national or local. I remember when the album Sepulnation by Sepultura came out and he could literally play along with pretty much every song less than a week later. If you're familiar with Sepultura, you know Igor Cavalera is an iconic drummer and not known for being simple to replicate.

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