My pal Gabe and his lovely lady are on a quest to bring live music back to the people while still practicing social distancing. Personally, I think it's a genius idea. They posted this message up on Facebook. If you'd like them to pay you a visit, here's all the info you need.

"Dear Odessa:
Are you suffering from LIVE MUSIC WITHDRAWLS?
Well then we have your remedy!!!
(Inspired by our friends
Tejon Street Corner Thieves)
We will soon begin performing
It's pretty simple.

Email us your address and telephone

We find a mutually convenient time.
You and those you are quarantined with
set up your lawn chairs
and grab your favorite drinks.***
We pull up in our truck,
sing you a few songs
and then drive off.
Please DO NOT approach our truck.
We DO NOT come onto your lawn.
You leave us a tip in our Paypal or Venmo account and every one's day
is a bit brighter!
Venmo: @tfrpmusic

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